The Good Food Box

The Good Food Box is available at our office through Hunger In Moose Jaw.

Payment is due two weeks before you pick up your Food box.

The Good Food Box provides top quality fresh fruit and vegetables at affordable prices. It is available to the general public. The Good Food Box is a bulk buying program.

• Large GFB ($25.00) – A family size box packed with high quality, fresh produce 3
to 5 people.
• Small GFB ($20.00) – A medium sized box of quality fresh produce for 1-2 people.
• Individual GFB ($12.50) – Packed for a single individual.
• Fruit Bag ($15.00) – A small bag of 3-4 different types of fresh fruit.

Payment Methods : Cash only. We need your name, phone number and which size you want.
Phone: 306-692-2242 for more information